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Shopify Live Chat & multi-channel Helpdesk, natively coming with ChatGPT integration

Let you customers contact you by many channels and talk to them in one place.

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What Chatlake can do for you

Chatlake Webchat

With Chatlake, you have access to all the necessary tools for managing customer conversations, building strong relationships, and delivering exceptional service in one central location.


What Chatlake actually is?

Chatlake is multi-channel conversations management platform that integrates natively with Shopify. You can connect website chat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger and more to find all incoming messages sorted in one dashboard.

What Chatlake integrates with


Chatlake comes with webchat by default, so customers can reach you directly from your shop front-end.

Also, it allows to to add many other communication channels, so that you handle all customer comminication in one single place.


Chatlake can publish webchat directly to your Shopify store with a click of a button. No coding needed, you can enjoy great looking chat on your store front end in minutes.


When you redirect all your support emails to Chatlake, you can managed them as any other communication channel in one Chatlake interface.


You can link your Chatlake to the chatbot and configure your conversation flow. If you have high traffic of repeatable conversations, chatbot can save you a fortune!

Facebook Messanger

You can link Chatlake to your Facebook Messanger and respond to those messages with the same experience as for any other connected channels.


All your Instagram direct messages can flow straight to Chatlake like any other channel message!


You can link Whatsapp to your Chatlake and receive messages from Shopify clients in the same place as your webchat messages.

and more!

Twitter, Telegram, SMS and Line -> all those platforms can be linked to Chatlaketo give you smooth experience of managing all customer comminications in one place!

Shopify native

Chatlake has been natively integrated with Shopify - platform installation takes seconds. It can deploy fresh-looking chat directly to your store front without any coding whatsoever.

ChatGPT native integration

Respond to your customers with answers prepared by ChatGPT and summarize long conversations with a click of a button.

Conversations history

Chatlake stores whole history of your conversations in one portal, so you can serve your customers efficiently without the need of switching apps and windows all the time. It supports labels, folder and customer segments to keep things sorted.

Multiple Agents

Chatlake supports as many agents as you want - you can keep your conversations managed by multiple support agents and manage security in one single place.


Chatlake by default comes translated to multiple languages, so with zero effort you are ready for various markets.

Canned responses

You can precreate canned responses, to answer quickly to repating questions.

Custom attributes

You can add as many custom attributes as you want to track custom details about your contacts.

Customer satisfaction survey

You can measure customer satisfaction with post conversation surveys

and more

Check our documentation to see all fantastic Chatlake features!


What People Say About Chatlake?

Chatlake is a fantastic tool, which helps managing all customer requests in one place. It does the job perfetly leaving more time for other tasks!

Emily Hayes | August 20, 2022

I wish I knew it earlier! This tool reduces number of mistakes in communication and does it very pleasently!

Jens Stub | August 29, 2022

It is very useful tool when you talk to your customers a lot. It’s easy to forget about conversations and tasks, but this tool helps you to stay on top your workload.

Amit Kumar | Sep 15, 2022

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